How to season your griddle – a guide

guide to seasoning griddle


Griddles are widely used kitchen equipment not only in restaurants but also in most homes. They are used when preparing cheeseburgers, pancakes or other meals. If you have set your mind on owning a griddle, it is crucial to learn about griddle maintenance. It is especially important to know how to season your new griddle.
The process involves applying oil on a hot griddle. The end goal is to form a black non-stick coat on the surface of the griddle. It is integral to learn the proper way of seasoning a griddle as it comes with many benefits.

The advantages of seasoning your new griddle

Seasoning a griddle is an effective way of ensuring that it maintains its performance. When an owner of a griddle  seasons it correctly, the non-stick coat will ensure that food does not stick on the metal surface. As a result, the metal plate will continue to distribute heat evenly. To add on that, this process also prevents rusting. Ultimately, it goes a long way towards ensuring that you use your griddle over a long period.

Secondly, failure to season a new griddle can be detrimental because it will lead to a transfer of flavor. Without the non-stick coat, a griddle is bound to have food remains on the surface. Unless this is cleaned, your cheeseburger might end up having the taste of eggs. To prevent this from happening it is advised that you should season your griddle.

How to season your new griddle

Blackstone griddles have an upper hand since they are easier to season compared to other
griddles. By going through a ow to season blackstone griddle guide’ you can
easily understand how it is done.
The following is an outline of what it takes to season a new griddle;

1. Begin by cleaning your griddle

Once you have your new griddle, you should clean it first. The process of cleaning it is
relatively simple as it does not have any grease or food debris. At this point,
you should mix soap powder to a bucket full of water. After that, use a sponge
to pour water on the metal plate of the griddle as you gently clean the surface.

2. Turning it on

You should ensure that your griddle is dry before switching it on. Make use of paper
towels when drying it up as they can easily absorb water from the surface.

The actual seasoning of the griddle begins when you turn it on. It is recommended that you

should leave the burner on maximum heat for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes,
you will observe that the metal plate has obtained a brown color.

3. Apply oil on the surface

There are certain kinds of oils like extra virgin oil, vegetable oil and flax oil that
are preferred over others. This is because they belong to a category of oils
that boast of high levels of fatty acids. You should generously apply your
choice of oil onto the surface. You can then use a paper towel to spread the oil
such that the entire surface of the metal plate is covered with oil.
You need to keep in mind that the griddle will be hot. Consequently, you should remember
to take safety precautions such as using heat resistant gloves.

4. Turn on the heat again

After making sure that the oil has been evenly applied to the surface, increase the
heat and let the griddle season. As the minutes go by, you will notice the
surface will become blacker. Leave the heat on for 30 minutes. Towards the end
of the 30 minutes, your griddle will begin to produce a lot of smoke. You can
switch it off when it is not producing any more smoke.

5. Repeat

To follow a season blackstone griddle guide to the latter, it is advisable that you
should repeat the third and fourth step either twice or thrice. Your decision
should be guided by the appearance of the griddle. When the entire griddle
obtains a dark black color and a non-stick appearance that looks natural, it
will mean that it has been seasoned correctly.

To sum it up, figuring out how to season your new griddle has proved to be of great
benefit. Not only will it see to it that your griddle lasts longer but also it
will ensure that your meals taste great. Luckily, the process that is involved
is simple. Blackstone griddles should be your preferred choice as they are easy
to season.

How to start cooking on a griddle – quick tips and tricks

start cooking on griddle guide

Most of us have at one time or another had the pleasure of cooking on a griddle. In case you haven’t, you should know that one of the main of the reasons why some people prefer this kind of cooking tool is that it makes for delicious meals, regardless of whether you are preparing light and fluffy pancakes or trying to do a perfectly seared dinner-like burger. In fact, it is not uncommon for you to see pictures on various social media sites of families gathered outside around a griddle cooker preparing a meal.

Contrary to what some people may think, starting to cook on griddle is not a hard task; despite of how unconventional it may seem to others. With a few simple instructions, the right tools, and a can-do attitude, you can be well on your to preparing your first griddle cooked meal.

Tips to start cooking on griddle

With that said, the following are some essential tips on how you can start cooking on a griddle so that everyone enjoys your meals.

Getting started

It is important that you look at your griddle the same way you would a cast iron cookware, with the one exception being that a griddle top comprises of rolled steel. However, this is definitely a good thing because the more you season it, the more exciting your cooking experience will be.

Seasoning basically implies applying oil to the griddle, smearing it around, wiping off any excess, heating it, and then giving it time to turn into a non-stick blackened coating that rests on your cooking surface. The good thing is that standard cooking oil will work just fine for any seasoning purposes.

What you will need

Before you can begin preparing your griddle-cooked meal, you will need to have the right tools with you so that everything goes smoothly. For starters, you will need to have two spatulas since you will be using both your hands to prepare almost every meal, just like Japanese chefs at steak houses. The good thing is that there are a variety of spatulas that you can use depending on what you want to cook or which ones you feel comfortable with.

Another tool you will also need before you can commence cooking on your griddle is a reliable griddle scrapper, which is sometimes referred to as a chopper. This particular item is used for scraping the top of the griddle to get off any particles or food residue that may be present before you start cooking. This will not only make the griddle clean and safe for you to cook on, but will also ensure that no outside elements distort the true flavor of your meal.

The last thing you should have is a couple of squeezable oil bottles. They should be fairly small and easy to handle so that you can make good use of them whenever you are in the middle of cooking on the griddle. You could perhaps start off with a bottle of canola or vegetable oil depending on what your tastes or preferences are.

Serves as a one-stop cooking shop

The truth of the matter is that griddles tend to truly shine when it comes to cooking numerous entrée elements that will more than likely later on combine. For instance, when cooking burgers, you can start with bacon, which you will place on one end of the griddle with a specific heat setting. You will then place your patties at the center (remember to season them), and finally caramelize your onions on the opposite end of your griddle top. As the onions reduce in size, you will slowly scrap them into a pile adjacent to your patties. While doing this, you could take a sliver of cheese and place it on your almost-cooked patties. From this point, you can put the bacon on the patties, and then proceed to do the same with the onions. All this will create some free space on the griddle where you can place your buns face down on the griddle. At the end of it all, you will have an almost-perfect burger full of flavor.

Now that you know some the essential tips on how to start to cook on a griddle, the next thing will be to find the right one for you. Blackstone griddles has some of the best griddles available on the market, all of which are capable of satisfying different kinds of cooking requirements.